Terms, Conditions and Privacy


Thank you for using "Good Deeds".

By using "Good Deeds" you agree to the following terms, conditions and privacy of "Good Deeds".


I. General conditions of use of "Good Deeds" 

All provisions of the present document should be observed.

"Good Deeds" has to be accessed only through the interface provided by the website "Good Deeds" available at https://www.gooddeeds.network and based on the instructions contained in the terms and conditions of use and privacy of "Good Deeds".

We may order the interruption or discontinuation of provision of this service to you if it is found that you do not comply with the terms, conditions of use and privacy of "Good Deeds" or if your behavior as a user of "Good Deeds" is inappropriate.

You hereby agree not to use any element of visual identity (logo, sygla, slogan) or pertaining to the content of "Good Deeds" without consent of the owner.


II. Information received by "Good Deeds" from the user

1. Information received during registration. In the registration process on "Good Deeds" you are requested information such as: name, e-mail address.

2. The information posted by the user. The information you choose to post on "Good Deeds" can be, for example, a good deed, a feeling, a picture, a comment to good deed of a friend. Please make sure that everything you post on "Good Deeds" respects the copyrights or trademarks.

3. Public information posted by the user. The phrase "public information" (or sometimes "information with a public character") refers to information that you decide to make public via "Good Deeds" privacy settings. Making information public implies that this information is accessible to everyone, including to those who have not registered on "Good Deeds". If you decide to publish information you should know that such information can be displayed both in "Good Deeds" and outside of it, and that the information can be found when using a public search engine on the Internet.

4. Information available at all times in public format. Such information may be: Your first and last name, your profile picture, your username, "My Path" counting, the archive of your good deeds, your comments and inputs of buttons "Good Deed" "Thank you" and "Share".

5. Username. Your username is a way of identification on "Good Deeds" that allows you to publish a custom link to your page (a "Good Deeds URL ", such as www.gooddeeds.network/username). You can send this link to the others as an address of your page, or you can post it on various websites. Also, the user name is an easy way for your friends to identify you in "Good Deeds", by directly searching your page in the address bar of the browser, using the address www.gooddeeds.network/username or by the direct search in the search box "Good Deeds".

6. Other information received by "Good Deeds" from the user

• information is received when accessing another person's profile, when you send or receive a message, when you search for a friend.

• data or metadata (the date, time, place of the photo) associated to a posted photo.

• data associated to computer or device used (IP address and other information about Internet service provider, operating system, location, type of browser or device you use.).

7. Cookies. Cookies are small data packages that are stored on your computer, on your mobile phone or on other device. "Good Deeds" uses cookies so that the navigation becomes easier and faster, to store information about you (including on your device or in the browser cache), about the way in which you use "Good Deeds" and to protect yourself, other people and the "Good Deeds" website.


III. How do we use information we receive

We use the information we receive from you as part of our efforts to maintain the security and safety of "Good Deeds" and for its testing and improvement.

You are the owner of all information about you and only you hold all content and information you post on "Good Deeds", including the control of the way in which it is distributed. We do not distribute any information we receive about you, if we do not receive your permission. If other people share information about you, those people have control over the distribution method, in which case "Good Deeds" does not takes responsibility for the actions, content or information of third parties.


IV. Privacy settings and control of posts

When posting content, a good deed, a feeling or a picture you can control the level of audience of the post in question, selecting out of the privacy options available: "public", "friends", "self". The comments you make as a user of "Good Deeds" have a public nature. If the author of the post subsequently changes the level of audience, the setting will affects the related comments as well. As a user posting content on "Good Deeds" you can always edit the level of audience of the post (a good deed, a feeling or a photo).

You can control the privacy settings of the following characteristics: posting a good deed, a feeling, a photo.


V. Identity and Privacy

The following actions are considered a breach of this document: publishing other people's personal information without their consent, assuming another person's identity, creating multiple accounts, spam by contacting users of "Good Deeds" for commercial purposes, without their consent, uploading viruses or other malicious code parts, posting content and taking action on "Good Deeds" that violate the rights of others or violate the law.


VI. Activity Log

Activity log is the agenda of your activity on "Good Deeds".


VII. How can you be found on "Good Deeds"

Any person who has your e-mail address or your username can find you through the search box "Good Deeds". We recommend you share information only to trusted individuals.


VIII. Deleting your user account on "Good Deeds" 

When you delete the account, it is permanently deleted on "Good Deeds", which means that the information associated with your user account will be lost.


IX. Modification and termination of provision of "Good Deeds" service

We are constantly working to improve "Good Deeds". We can add or remove features, we can also suspend or discontinue completely the provision of our service. We can remove any content or any information that you post on "Good Deeds" or we can completely stop the provision of "Good Deeds" service to you, if we consider that they violate the rules or spirit of this document.


X. Safety and errors

Securing the link between Good Deeds and our user with SSL technology

We use SSL technology (Secure Sockets Layer) to secure the navigation in our website (encrypting sensitive data, for instance: the login password). The secure seal in the website is associated with https (HTTP Secure).

We are always working to improve the security of "Good Deeds" and to correct the errors that may arise in connection with its use. Please keep the privacy of your authentication information (username and password). The entire responsibility for the activity on your "Good Deeds" account belongs entirely to you. We provide no guarantees regarding the uninterrupted or perfect use of our service.


XI. About this document

We can modify this document to match the changes in the law or in our service. Check periodically the terms, conditions and privacy of "Good Deeds". In case of changes in this document, we are committed to immediately publish on this page, notifications about it. If you continue to use "Good Deeds" as a result of changes to our terms, you implicitly agree to the terms changed.


XII. Warranties and Disclaimer

"Good Deeds" does not assume any content posted, copied and redistributed by the user, who is fully responsible for the content you publish on his/her user page.


XIII. Standards and key terms

1. "Good Deeds": By "Good Deeds", we mean the features and functionality of "Good Deeds" that we provide through our website at www.gooddeeds.network.

2. "Good Deeds" User Account: You can access "Good Deeds" by creating a "Good Deeds" user account and providing us with some personal information (typically your name, e-mail and a password). The user account information will be used to authenticate you in order to use "Good Deeds" and to protect your user account from the unauthorized access by others. You can modify or terminate the user account anytime through your "Good Deeds" user account settings.

3. User of "Good Deeds" = person holding a user page of "Good Deeds".

4. User page of "Good Deeds"  = a user account defined by attributes such as (name, photo, good deeds, "personal pattern", "feelings" list of interconnected users, answers to "fundamental questions", comments , etc.).

5. "Good Deeds" User Profile = user's personal information filled in "Profile" (sex, date of birth, occupation, etc.).

6. Interconnected user of "Good Deeds" = person holding a user page of "Good Deeds" connected with other users of "Good Deeds" and who can view their user page.

7. Information: By "information" we mean personal data and other information about you within "Good Deeds". Personal information is information that you provide to us which personally identifies you (name, e-mail).

8 .Content. By "content" we mean any of your posting or of other users on "Good Deeds".

9. Post. By "post" or "publication" we mean post on "Good Deeds".

10. Use. By "use" we mean use, execution, copying, publishing or public achievement or display, distribution, modification, translation, and creation of derivative works.

11. Improper behavior of “Good Deeds” 

We do not encourage and tolerate any harming or self-harming, violence, sadism, pornographic content, drug use, threats to public safety, violence, criminal or terrorist acts, thefts, vandalism, deception, intimidation and harassment, discriminatory language based on criteria of race, nationality, religion, sex, disability. We reserve the right to remove the content published which concerns the above and / or close the accounts that promote such behavior.

12. Cookie. A cookie is a small file containing a string of characters that is sent to your computer when you visit a website. When you visit the website again, the cookie allows that site to recognize your browser. Cookies may store user preferences and other information. You can reset your browser so as to reject all cookies or so to inform you when a cookie is sent. However it is possible that certain features or services of websites may not function properly without cookies.

13. Device. A device can be a computer, tablet or smartphone by means of which "Good Deeds" can be accessed.

14. IP address. Every computer connected to the Internet is assigned a unique number, known as an IP address (Internet Protocol). Since these numbers are usually assigned in country-based blocks, an IP address can often be used to identify the country from which a computer is connected to the Internet.