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Further on will find our guide on using "Good Deeds" functions.


General terms of the user account of "Good Deeds" 


The registration on "Good Deeds" / Creating a "Good Deeds" User Account

To register on "Good Deeds" follow these steps:

1. Open the login / registration page:

2. Fill in the fields corresponding to the registration process on the right side and then click the "Sign up” button.

Congratulations! You have created a "Good Deeds" user account! Your username and password will be sent to the email address provided at registration.


Creating a strong password

To create a strong password: use a combination of letters and numbers in the password, do not use as a password personal information or common words, keep your password safe, change your password periodically. Password must be at least six characters long.


Authentication on "Good Deeds"

Open the authentication / registration page:

Enter your data used at registration (user name / password) in the authentication related fields (top right) and then click the "Log In" button.


Your "Good Deeds" username

Your username is a way of identifying yourself on "Good Deeds", which allows you to post a custom link to your page (a "Good Deeds" URL, such as You cand send this link to the others as the address of your page, or you can post it on various websites. Also, your username is an easy way for your friends to identify you within "Good Deeds", your page by the searching your page directly in the address bar of the browser, using or by direct search in the search box "Good Deeds".


Disconnecting from the "Good Deeds" user account

To disconnect, press the "Log out" button in the upper right corner of your user account.


Password recovery options for your "Good Deeds" account / Forgot your password?

Your password can be recovered using "Recover password" option which is at the right side of “Log in” button. When you want to recover your password you are asked to provide the email address used to register your user account. Your password and username will be sent to your e-mail address used at the account registration.


Changing your password and deleting the "Good Deeds" user account

To change the password of your user account go to " Account settings" button located on the top right. From the  "Account settings" page open you can change the password or delete the user account. When you delete your account, it is permanently deleted from  "Good Deeds", which means that the information associated with your user account will be lost.


Becoming familiar to "Good Deeds". Concepts. Functions. Buttons.


Publication of a good deed / Changing the world

Good deed = a deed corresponding to moral and social conventions that can be circumscribed to one of the six categories of good deeds. In the economy of "Good Deeds" functionality, a good deed designates the text introduced on "Good Deeds" user page, text associated to the description of the good deed in the real life.

The categories of good deeds = six areas of reporting the human being through good deeds to the world, society, environment: "Giving affection / Relating", "Helping", "Being socially responsible", "Creating", "Improving myself", "Saving".

You can post a good deed from your user page, using the "Change the world" button on the right side.

Technically, the "Change the world" button has the following structure:


"Good Deed", "Thank you", "Share", "Comment" buttons

Every good deed represented in the user page has attributes figured by means of buttons: "Good deed", "Thank you", "Share", "Comment". These buttons are automatically associated with any good deed posted by the user.


The "Good Deed" button

This button allows other interconnected users of "Good Deeds" who access a user’s page to confirm the character of "good deed" of the good deed posted by a user. Confirmations of good deed generated by means of the "Good Deed" button display their total number as well (depending on how many interconnected users used this button).


The "Thank you" button

This button allows other interconnected users of "Good Deeds" who accesses the page of a user to show their gratitude for the good deed that was addressed to them. This button, unlike the "Good Deed" button is intended for the access of the recipients of the user’s good deeds. Thus, the interconnected users can directly say thank you to the person who did and posted the good deed. This button can indicate the number of "thanks" depending on the number of interconnected users who have thanked.


The "Share" button

This button is automatically associated to any good deed posted by the user and allows the other interconnected users of "Good Deeds" who access a user’s page to share a good deed. Also, this button can indicate the number of distributions depending on the number of interconnected users who shared a good deed. The distributed good deed will be automatically downloaded in the "Feelings" section of the user who used the "Share" button. The other users can comment on the text distributed.


The "Comment" button

This button is automatically associated to any good deed or opinion posted by the user and allows the other interconnected users of "Good Deeds" who access a user’s page to comment on his/her good deed or opinion through a text entry box. All comments posted by other interconnected users can be viewed by directly accessing this button, and the comments are visible successively in chronological sequence, the last comment appearing at the bottom.


Who posted, who shared an opinion or a good deed, who thanked or who confirmed the character of "good deed"

The inputs of buttons "Comment", "Share", "Good Deed", "Thank you" are visible by clicking the button "Comment". In the Comments page the inputs of "Share", "Good Deed", "Thank you" buttons  appear on the right.


Resetting good deeds

Good deeds posted by the user are visible in the right section of his/her page just up to 12 am of the day when they are posted. After 24 hours, the right section for viewing good deeds is reseted and good deeds from the day before automatically disappear. The good deeds of the previous day are automatically moved into a "Timeline" (a chronological archive of all good deeds). The right section of the user’s page will thus be available to introduce new good deeds for the day.


Timeline - good deeds chronology is visible in a separate area in the lower right section of the user's account.


Section "Personal pattern". Components

"Personal pattern" is a graphic and functional construct designed to individualize the activity of "Good Deeds" user by archiving his/her good deeds by rendering a personal pattern as compared with other users.

The "Personal pattern" is a construct consisting of:

a. Graphical element crown of laurels.

b. Icons / symbols associated to the categories of good deeds.

c. Profile photo of the user.

d. Box last name / first name user.


The graphic element laurel crown

This graphic element classifies icons (symbols) associated to the categories of good deeds, the profile picture of the user and the box with the user's full name. This graphic element cannot be modified by the user, as this is visible only when creating the user account.

The idea of this graphic element: Every user is a laureate of the world’s changing according to the good deeds he/she has done.


Icons / symbols associated to the good deeds categories

These graphic elements (icons / boxes with symbols that can be accessed) cannot be changed by the user.

Each of the six symbols represented is associated to one of the six categories of good deeds: "Giving affection / Relating", "Helping", "Being socially responsible", "Creating", "Improving myself", "Saving". The six symbols of the "Personal pattern" have the status of archives for good deeds associated with each category of good deeds. By means of the direct use with the left button of the mouse of each symbol in the right section the archive of good deeds associated to the respective category opens. The symbols are positioned between the element "crown of laurels" and the user's profile picture.


Profile photo of "Good Deeds" user

This photo can be loaded by the user from the "Pictures" tab of its page. The photos / images uploaded by the user form his/her photo gallery. The Photo Gallery can be accessed by all interconnected users (in so far as their viewing is allowed by setting the "public / private / self" level of privacy of images) by directly acting with the left button of the mouse on the profile picture, all photos uploaded can be viewed in the right section of the page. The photo / profile picture is located between the symbols associated to categories. Beneath the profile photo there is the box with user’s last name / first name.


Box "Good Deeds" user’s last name / first name

This box is located under the user's profile picture and allows the display of user’s last name and first name, introduced to define the user profile. The last name and first name can be edited by the user in the "Profile" tab of the user account. By acting with the left button of the mouse on this box, any interconnected user can view in the right section of the profile all personal information of the user’s profile (in the event that such personal data have already been completed, eg occupation, age, sex, studies, etc.). The text box user’s last name / first name is placed under the profile picture of the user.


The  field "Feelings". Posting, viewing and editing a feeling.

Section "Feelings" is a space where the user of "Good Deeds" can express a current mood, a status quo, an emotion through text, and an image. You can also insert a link to a video resource (ie. a video on youtube). The link will be automatically converted into a playback window. After entering the text and the image click the "Update" button.

The content of "Feelings” heading can be viewed and changed entirely by the user and only viewed by other interconnected users of "Good Deeds" by acting directly on that space with the left button of the mouse. The content of section "Feelings” can be viewed entirely in the right section. Other users of "Good Deeds" have the opportunity to comment on the information posted by the users of  "Good Deeds".

"Feelings” space is located in the left section of "Good Deeds" user page above the section “Personal pattern". To view a feeling go to the tab "Feelings". From the related page you can also post, edit, delete, or set the privacy of a feeling.


Latest deeds of your friends on “Good Deeds”

To view the latest good deeds of your friends click the "Latest deeds" button available in your user account on the top right side. The good deeds of your friends will appear in chronological order, the last deed being on top.


Sending a message to your "Good Deeds" friends

To send a message, go to the "Private Message" button in the upper right of your user account. In the page that opens you can choose the message recipient. You can also send a message by clicking the "Send message" button under the "Personal pattern" of the user. After entering your message click the "Send" button.


Deleting a message or conversation

You can delete a message or conversation by clicking the "Private Message" button. From the "Messages" page click the "Delete" button corresponding to the message or conversation you intend to delete.


Adding a friend to your friends list on "Good Deeds"

Click on the "Be my friend" button under the box with the the last name / first name of the user you want to add to the friend list.


How do you know if someone sent you a friend request on "Good Deeds"

All friend requests are indicated by the icon dedicated to "Friends Requests" in the top right of your user account.


Viewing the friends on "Good Deeds"

To access your list of friends on "Good Deeds", click the "Friends" tab of your user account.


Deleting a friend from your friends list

To delete a friend from your list of friends on "Good Deeds" go to the "Friends" tab and then click "Delete friend" available under the profile picture of your friend.


Viewing and editing your profile information

To view and edit profile information go to the "Profile" tab or click on your last name / first name of "Personal pattern". From the "Profile" page click the "Edit Profile" button.


Viewing and uploading images

To view and upload your images / photos, please visit the "Pictures" tab or click on your profile picture / image. When uploading an image you can set the level of audience by means of privacy settings: "Public", "Private", "Self". To upload a profile picture, first upload the image desired in the "Pictures" tab, then choose the option associated to the image loaded "Set avatar", available under the image. When loading an image you can add a description of it using the text box available. Picture description will appear at the bottom of the image uploaded.


Accessing the archive of a good deed category

You can access the archive of good deeds categories in the "Archive" tab. Also, the separate archive of a category can be viewed by clicking on the corresponding icon from "Personal pattern".


Fundamental questions

There are two fundamental questions that arise in the process of creating your account. These are:

Text Question No. 1: "How can I improve the world I live in?"

Text Question 2: "How should my ideal world be?"

User’s answers to these questions together with the text of the questions are permanently displayed in the left section of the user page under "Personal pattern", provided that the user has already completed these answers. Questions and answers related represent the desirable vision of the user in relation to the quality of user of "Good Deeds". The desirable vision may or may not be proved by the real good deeds that the user does and post on the way. The user of "Good Deeds" has the possibility to change the answer to questions by editing the profile information. During the registration process on "Good Deeds" the two questions are optional.


Text "How have I changed the world today"

This text is always visible on the user’s page. The user does not have the possibility to modify it. This text serves as the text - inventory of good deeds entered by the user in a given day. The text is disposed at the top of the right section of the user’s page.


"My Path" counting

"My Path" is a counting on days of the activity / non-activity of "Good Deeds" user. This counting allows viewing the number of days with good deeds, and the number of idle days. Counting starts on the day of creating your account. This counting translates the idea of the user’s orientation (of the path that the user follows) in reality (the path of good deeds or the path of non-activity).

"My Path" counting is located in the left section of the user page at the bottom, under "Fundamental questions".


The Mirror

"Good Deeds" reflects the reality of the individual. "Existence" in "Good Deeds" is closely related and depends on the actual existence of the individual who does good deeds. "Good Deeds" encourages authenticity, uniqueness of each individual who is distinguished from others by means of his/her personality and life experiences.

A page of "Good Deeds" user has two sections: the left section and the right section. The two sections are:

a. A design element specific to "Good Deeds";

b. A philosophy. The right section is called " The Mirror" being the active area of the user page. This space changes its content according to:

• the selected items in the left section (good deeds categories icons, user last name / first name, profile picture, etc.);

• good deeds added that day.

If the user of "Good Deeds" is not active in a given day (does not post good deeds through the "Change the world" button), the right section of the user page retains the role of mirror, reflecting the non-activity of the user that day. The user’s non-activity quantifies thus in “Idle days".

Thus, "The Mirror" reflects the gallery of "Good Deeds" user, the personal profile information, feelings, good deeds or non-activity, the good deeds categories archive.

Also, The Mirror has the status of implicit section of your user account being immediately visible after login. The Mirror can be accessed via the "The Mirror" tab or through the button associated to your last name / first name at the top right of your user account.


Searching for a user in "Good Deeds" 

To search for a "Good Deeds" user use the search box "Find user". Enter the user name in the "Find user" and then press the "Search" button. We recommend you share information only to trusted individuals.


Activity Log

The activity log is the agenda of your activity on "Good Deeds".


"New features" section

This section is dedicated to new features and improvements to "Good Deeds". This page will include the latest features developed.


Changing the language of the "Good Deeds" content 

"Good Deeds" is currently available in two languages: Romanian and English. You can change the language by pressing the flag buttons in the footer. 


Privacy settings and control of posts

When posting content, a good deed, a feeling or a picture you can control the level of audience of the post in question, selecting out of the privacy options available: "public", "friends", "self". The comments you make as a user of "Good Deeds" have a public nature. If the author of the post subsequently changes the level of audience, the setting will affects the related comments as well. As a user posting content on "Good Deeds" you can always edit the level of audience of the post (a good deed, a feeling or a photo).

You can control the privacy settings of the following characteristics: posting a good deed, a feeling, a photo.

Information available at all times in public format. Such information may be: Your first and last name, your profile picture, your username, "My Path" counting, the archive of your good deeds, your comments and inputs of buttons "Good deed", "Thank you" and "Share".


Errors, reporting performance problems and contact.

We are always working to improve the security of "Good Deeds" and to correct the errors that may arise in connection with its use. Please keep the privacy of your authentication information (username and password). The entire responsibility for the activity on your "Good Deeds" account belongs entirely to you. We provide no guarantees regarding the uninterrupted or perfect use of our service.

As a user of "Good Deeds" you can convey your message about possible problems regarding the performance and errors, by using the contact form "Feedback" from the footer toolbar of "Good Deeds".


For further details refer to section "Frequently Asked Questions".