”Good Deeds” vision

We want for "Good Deeds" to define in the social media landscape a different approach oriented towards real life, purpose, authenticity.

We believe that any social interaction, including the one from the virtual environment must be governed by and generate a certain sense, harmony and also have the power to change the world.

Our aim, of "Good Deeds" development team, is to promote a new model in the online environment: the user who changes the real world through good deeds.

Changing the world is an exhortation, an example for all of us.

A "Good Deeds" user is a courageous person, willing to receive and give this example. At any time.

Each of us is at the heart of "Good Deeds".

Each of us is the model of the new revolutionary trend.

We are fully convinced that this model can harmonize us and give us a precise meaning: the connection to the eternal values of life.


"Good Deeds" Principles


1. Good deeds

We understand place the concept of "good" as the foundation of philosophy and functionality of "Good Deeds". "Good" is designed as a universal virtue, without claiming in this way, solely, in relation to terminology or content, the ideas of a particular moral. A "good deed" corresponds to the ethics and social conventions. In this sense, "Good Deeds" considers, at a conceptual level, that the positive nature of good deeds and of universal good can be understood and perpetuated by any human by means of facts.

Good deeds are consistent with the universal virtues acknowledged by all races, cultures and civilizations of the world, including: love, faith, hope, wisdom, justice, temperance, courage, respect, honesty, perseverance, tolerance, generosity, forgiveness, compassion, altruism, freedom, dedication, tenacity, integrity.

2. Categories of good

"Good Deeds" suggests the classification of good deeds into six distinct categories, according to the criterion of relating the human being to the world, society, environment:

"Giving affection / Relating": human relations governed by the affective dimension.

"Helping": to support, help someone in an activity through various information, ideas, skills, actions.

"Being socially responsible": social, political, economic activities which help to establish a social balance assuming civic involvement, the proper functioning of laws and state institutions for the benefit of the individual, human rights, responsibility to the community and environment.

"Creating": new ideas, activities and products that may belong to the artistic, scientific, social field, with positive implications in relation to other people.

"Improving myself": achieving some actions the aims of which is the continuous improvement of the human being, the acquirement of understanding and self-esteem, the development and improvement of relationships, abilities and skills useful for oneself and in relation to other people, personal and spiritual development.

"Saving": actions that contribute to the solving of difficult, dangerous situations, otherwise the effects can be devastating.


3. Changing the world from a virtual and real perspective

How many days pass without being aware of the power and significance of our actions?

And do we know how powerful we are by means of our daily words, gestures and actions?

"Good Deeds" was created in the name of good and in the name of the power that exists in each of us: changing the world through good deeds.

Why are we talking about change? Because it signifies replacing a mood, replacing an experience with another, discovering a different dimension each day. We can change the everyday world by replacing ignorance with the care for others, selfishness with generosity, superficiality with depth, carelessness with involvement. We can change the everyday world, by calling our grandparents more often, asking our friends more often if they need help, showing more often to the loved ones how much we love them. And good deeds attract like a magnet, other good deeds. The others are able to know your actions, they can appreciate it and they themselves can be motivated further on to achieve good deeds. And like a magnet, the help, trust, determination, love offered to others return to their authors even stronger. They come back to you!.

Changing the world needs real people. The author of the change is YOURSELF


YOU are the one who can give a hug to a child.

YOU are the one who can say Thank you!.

YOU are the one who can help an old man smile.

YOU are the one who can maintain balance.

YOU are the one who can create innovative ideas and artwork.

YOU are the one that can save lives.


A user of "Good Deeds" who does a good deed, it relates in fact to someone or something. This means that he/she changes the real world. Virtually, a user of "Good Deeds" exposes this good deed on his/her user page, linking it to one of the six categories of good deeds. Thus exposed, the real good deed may serve as an example for the other interconnected users, the user of "Good Deeds" changing the virtual world. The world is changing by example at every click! So, "Good Deeds" encourages good deeds for the real change of the world by presenting them virtually in order to change the world by motivating the power of example. Consequently, the user of "Good Deeds" can change the world both in reality and virtually.

The slogan of "Good Deeds" is: "Good deeds change the world."

Anyone is able to change the world through his/her good deeds. If through your good deeds you managed to change the world in reality, do not hesitate to change it virtually as well, by giving interconnected users of "Good Deeds" an example of your deeds!

Also, the path good deeds - changing the world can give the individual a path, a way, a sense of his/her existence, through his/her good deeds. By eliminating loneliness and helplessness, you can live each day with purpose, joy and hope.


4. Mirroring

"Good Deeds" is a mirror by means of which the world can change.

"Good Deeds" reflects the reality of the individual. "Existence" in "Good Deeds" is closely related and depends on the actual existence of the individual who does good deeds.

We believe that a dependency between the user of "Good Deeds" and his/her good real deeds is created and the user page must be filled daily with new good deeds. "Good Deeds" encourages authenticity, uniqueness of each individual who is distinguished from others by means of his/her personality and life experiences.

A perfect circle: real good deeds – presentation of goods deeds virtually – the power of the example offered and received virtually - virtual interaction with other users based on factual confirmation of the good deed, on the direct expression of the gratitude and reviews - motivation of real good deeds.

5. The basic idea of "Good Deeds" 

Anyone can change the world, every day, on the one hand by means of his/her good deeds, giving a sense to his/her existence, and on the other hand, with each click by the power of example. A user of "Good Deeds" is unique by means of his/her personality and life experience, having thus a personal pattern of the good deeds, distinct from the one of the other users.




We want you to live your life in reality! Through Good Deeds we just want you to share to the other your actions, which turn into an example of power and goodwill.

This world needs good, courageous people and people with a beautiful soul.

Wherever you are, whoever you are, you can change the world!

Through Good Deeds.


"Good Deeds"
Development Team