Why using GD?

The advantages of using Good Deeds


      You can change the world in real plan and your good deeds can inspire others also in virtual plan! It is necessary that people have, continuously, generating examples of hope and confidence. At any moment, an example can cause a chain of important changes.

On Good Deeds you feel respected and willing to share values. Good deeds talk about you and Good Deeds retain them with the utmost precision.


      This website targets the achievement of real deeds.

      We propose that Good Deeds define the social media landscape a different approach, geared towards authenticity. We believe that any social interaction, including the virtual environment, should generate a sense, harmony and also have the power to change the world. 

      Change starts with you. Allow yourself a first step!


      Good Deeds is a source of examples shared by your friends. You will appreciate, in turn, a good deed!


      By using this site you contribute to defining and building a community aware that things can move. From our review, this site is unique in the world. It holds the copyright on the design and functionality of Good Deeds. The website platform may itself be an awareness campaign whose slogan is: Good deeds change the world!


      This website is ideal for launching campaigns type "Creativity Week" or "Month involvement in society," each of the categories of      good deeds can generate such an initiative.     


      You rediscover yourself everyday through your ideas and achievements.


      Simple to use, different through message.


      Each example of good deed is special. We thought to make possible its publishing using the button "Change the world”.


      Good Deeds is an efficiently organized space. The published information is stored in well-defined categories. The earlier deeds can be accessed with maximum ease.


      You can improve this website with your suggestions. Since it is a starting project, we consider any proposal for its development.


      Although the website is in the test phase, we have implemented the SSL technology for securing the authentication data.      


In short, use Good Deeds because you can change the world .

Through good deeds.