Letter to our user


Dear user,

You are a plurality of unrepeatable ideas, thoughts and experiences.

You are your own making: maybe you do not remember the first steps and first words, but look in the mirror today!

You learned the secrets of the world, you learned to walk, read and write, you learned to listen and to express yourself, you saw how people get happy when their smile meets spontaneously your smile  - a simple joy, a real joy.

Yes, you are the one who interacts with others and creates, in turn, unique experiences.

You hold the power!

You learned to understand who you are.

You learned to exist through your own individuality and to be aware that no one, anywhere in this world is like you.

You’ve come a long way to get here! You had joys and sorrows, successes and failures, today all these are embedded into your being.

Your being becomes alive through your action, releasing it from constraints, fear and limitations.

Whatever you do comes back to you. Because once completed, your actions seek their author, claim the energy that created them.

And then, create and do out of generosity, honesty, love and trust. Let them fulfil your life.

Create good deeds!

Find a sense of existence in the manifestation of your being.

Starting from the smallest things, you can bring the good in your life and in the lives of others.

You can give a flower to a loved one, care for a sick person, be more patient with your friends, spend more time with your child, complete a project with your team, work furiously on a book ...

These are just examples. You are able to decide for yourself.

You're the one who suppresses incapacity, ignorance, superficiality.

You can love and help, you can heal and bring hope.

You can change the world, daily. Through Good Deeds.


"Good Deeds"

Development team